A while ago, Spyrosoft merged with Better Software Group, a company specialising in developing multiscreen TV applications.  

In this interview, I’m talking with Bartlomiej Lozia, the CEO of Better Software Group, who shares what the company looks like from the inside, its history, current business focus and plans for the nearest future as part of the Spyrosoft Group.  

Please tell me more about Better Software Group. Who is behind it?  

Bartłomiej Lozia: Better Software Group is a highly specialised consulting company that works with and for its clients on projects in the media industry. More recently, BSG is also a member of the Spyrosoft group, providing advanced media solutions as a new business unit. Our mission is to provide the best viewing experience anywhere and anytime.  

BSG team consists of 200+ specialists, highly skilled in developing multiplatform video solutions. Having over 11 years of experience in the industry, we worked on and delivered successful frontend solutions and system integrations for media and entertainment companies all over the globe. 

The variety of platforms and tools for delivering video or audio content means that those working at BSG must be true specialists in their field. They must understand the nature of media, streaming, security, and the transmission of the signal and the video from the server to the end user. Moreover, they must be experts in coding languages or developing applications for particular platforms. Each of these platforms has its peculiarities, including language or navigation, and creating solutions for these services requires a range of skills from providers.  

What is more, our specialists also have advanced domain knowledge. It is essential to know how the material is created, where the provider should place it, and how best to deliver it to users so they can access it as quickly as possible. Moreover, BSG consultants advise their clients on reducing transmission costs, optimising video and audio quality, or producing subtitles. All of this must be taken into account when delivering frontend applications. That is the knowledge that is beyond the average programmer’s competence. 

How did the company start? 

BL: We started in 2010 by building applications for mobile devices. It was a crucial time. This was the beginning of media digitalisation, mainly the press. Every newspaper wanted to have their own application and publish their content on the internet. We were involved in the digitalisation process from the very beginning, working for Nokia and Microsoft as well as the largest media suppliers and newspapers, such as Rzeczpospolita, Gazeta Wyborcza, The Times Poland or Parkiet. We were also creating the first applications for the Polish Radio and Interia.  

We already knew back then that we wanted to take part in the development of the 21st century media. We knew that the media would move away from traditional channels and that the whole world would go online. Our vision was to cooperate with the largest TV broadcasters, content creators and streaming services. From the very beginning, we felt that we could work on big projects and quickly entered the European market. 

What is the company’s business in the media entertainment industry? 

BL: We started implementing our strategy with the creation of mobile applications and gradually increased the number of platforms for which we have been building software solutions.  Some of the most recognisable media companies that we work with include the Norwegian television TV2, Nordisk Film and Eleven Sports. What do we do for these companies? 

We are involved in building frontend solutions. Media is exciting and, on the other hand, strongly challenging because users can consume video content in very different ways. We build software mainly for: 

  • Smart TVs,  
  • Connected TVs (Chromecast/Google TV, Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, or Set-Top-Boxes) 
  • Web, smartphones and tablets.  

What are other challenges that BSG must stand up to these days? 

BL: The video business is evolving strongly. Since 2014, when Better Software Group started its operations, several breakthrough moments have happened in the industry and the number of emerging platforms has also grown exponentially.  

During this time, we have been supporting our clients to adapt our services to the changing market and new global trends. In less than ten years, not only has the approach to content delivery changed, but also the ways of how people consume video and audio materials. As a company, we have to face up new challenges and continuously look for the best and the most effective solutions to meet business needs that arise as a consequence of changes in the market.  

How is BSG changing the media and the entertainment world? 

BL: We are responding to the current trends and viewers’ changing habits by providing better personalisation and accessibility of the content. We create modern audio and video content consumption options, including video apps and streaming services (like Netflix, Disney+, or Amazon Prime) for broadcasters, telecoms, content owners & creators.  We also provide recommendation solutions based on artificial intelligence and user profiling. 

Can you tell us about a project that you are most proud of?  

BL: Every project is interesting in its way. However, one of the most exciting projects was developing apps for tvOS. As soon as Apple made the ability to create apps on Apple TV available to developers, which was impossible until version IV of the software, we at BSG undertook the development of one of the first global apps for Apple TV for Canal Digital. Apple recommended this app for a long time as one of the better-developed international apps, and it was proof that we had done our job well and that it was appreciated. 

How do you see the Better Software Group’s role in Spyrosoft? What are the benefits for you?  

BL: In Spyrosoft’s structure, BSG is an individual business unit complementing the group’s competence in the media area. Through this cooperation, Spyrosoft began to explore a little-known niche. We entered this cooperation with our clients, our realisations, and our portfolio, which broadened the range of services offered by the entire group. For BSG, working with Spyrosoft is an opportunity to expand its network and sales channels. Being a part of an international group also means access to specialists and competencies that the frontend company lacked, including dev-ops, UX, and back-end competencies. 

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How do you see the future of BSG?  

BL: First, we want to grow, and we have a plan for that. We want to go beyond Europe. BSG’s goal for the next three years is to enter the North American market as well as South America. Reaching the largest players in the US media market basically means creating applications for the entire Western world market. It offers great opportunities and we’re ready to take this direction. 

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