Europe’s leading automotive HMI and UX event starts in just a few days! Spyrosoft will be represented by Przemysław Nogaj, our Head of HMI Technology. We’ve asked him to share his expectations for the conference and some more details about the presentation he’s going to give on the second day of the event, June 20th.  

Why have you decided to attend the CAR HMI 2022? 

There are a couple of reasons. Firstly, at Spyrosoft, we strongly believe that good user experience is essential in a car. Therefore, we are expanding our automotive offering with user experience design this year. The CAR HMI 2022 conference is one of the first opportunities for us to publicly present ourselves as experts in this area. 

The second reason is the hunger for the unique atmosphere at a face-to-face, indoor industry event after two years of pandemic restrictions. I’m curious if, after such a long time, I’ll find there the same good energy as in times before the pandemic. I hope so because I’ve been missing it a lot.  

Thirdly, I decided to participate in CAR HMI 2022 because it’s an excellent occasion for networking. It’s an opportunity to meet many experts with whom you can talk about the practical side of HMI tech. People who participate in CAR HMI 2022 have been in the industry for years. They are often Tier-1 experts and representatives of OEMs and software development companies similar to Spyrosoft. I hope that I will be able to exchange my experience and observations with them. I would also like to learn about the latest trends followed by top specialists in automotive HMI technology.  

What are your expectations for the conference? What presentations are you most looking forward to? 

I would like to understand what a switch from mechanical to software-defined vehicles means and how we all will find ourselves in this new world. I would also like to see how OEMs perceive the development of HMI technology in the automotive industry and what they consider the most important aspect. 

As for the presentations at the conference, I’m most looking forward to: 

What is the topic of your presentation at CAR HMI 2022? Why have you chosen it? 

The topic of my presentation is “Enabling continuous UX delivery for vehicles”. It is based on our experiences and the work model that we’ve developed at Spyrosoft. It allows us to move from designing a prototype to building a solution as quickly as possible, and, in fact, forget about the concept of a prototype whatsoever. 

The prototype, as we understand it, is something that can very well appear in the production and can be delivered to the user. Consequently, it is up to the user to decide whether the prototype meets their expectations or not. 

In my presentation, I will try to focus on explaining why it is so important and show how to shorten the software development cycle and prototype directly on production, based on our experience from projects for various OEMs. I’ll try to explain the crucial steps to make it work.  

Key questions that I’ll try to answer in my presentations are:  

  • How can a software architecture help develop and structure design and development teams 
  • How to utilise what the customers want to say instead of guessing their needs 
  • How to make feature flow natural for teams of different specialisations 
  • How to safely deliver features daily rather than every quarter 

I hope that my presentation will spark many discussions at the evening event, and we’ll have the opportunity to exchange our observations.  

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Małgorzata Kruszyńska

Małgorzata Kruszynska

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