React Native Training

About the training

Get ready to start your dream career as React Native Developer. Practice your skills through workshops in small groups, under the mentorship of our React Native expert to ensure you get feedback on your progress and help if you need it.

Learn by working on real projects. After completing the course, you’ll get not only a diploma of your accomplishment but also the opportunity to join our team and further hone your skills among top talents in mobile app development.

After completing the React Native tutorial you’ll:


understand the difference between React and React Native


know your way around the framework and how to solve common problems


be familiar with essential and popular React Native libraries


know how to use TypeScript and implement biometrics


get a chance to join our company and start working with React Native in real projects

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What’s in React Native Training program?

Key Highlights

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2 months of online workshops

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Small groups and a mentorship approach

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Working on real-life projects

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Diploma of completion

"The goal of the Spyrosoft Academy is to support you in exploring React Native as a technology, showing you how your future project workflow may look like and sharing my practical know-how which cannot be achieved by just looking at documentation. It comes from my experience in solving technical issues related to React Native software development."

Wiktor Jaszczuk, Instructor

[triangle] Wiktor Jaszczuk


All you need is:

  • knowledge of React basics and hooks

  • experience in working with js or a similar language (js will not be explained during the course)

  • experience in working with software development, knowledge of basic concepts such as functions, classes, loops

  • independence and curiosity

  • engagement and enthusiasm

  • determination to learn and practice on your own under the guidance of the tutor, since the course will be conducted remotely

Nice to have:

  • experience of working with typescript

  • experience working with React and React Native

  • experience in working with native mobile device programming languages

  • Mac computer

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What’s ahead of you?

Send us your CV
Introductory talk with a recruiter to answer all your questions
Technical chat with the training instructor to check your knowledge level
Theoretical part: getting background for building strong skills
Practical part: working on real projects under the instructor’s guidance
Diploma of completion and a chance to join our React Native team

Recruitment start date:


Training start date:



4000 PLN / 880 EUR

If you decide to work with us, we'll fully refund your course fee.

Number of places available:



Wiktor Jaszczuk

I’m a Full Stack Developer with a specialisation in frontend, a knack for learning new technologies and 11 years of experience in building products. I graduated from Systems and Networks at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology’s Electronics department and then started working as a Backend Developer at one of the biggest social platforms in Poland, facing issues such as large website traffic and rewriting core systems’ code. Once I decided to focus on frontend development, I joined Spyrosoft, polishing my skills in React, ReactNative and AngularJS. I also have a master certification in Umbraco.



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