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We offer expert software development services tailored ​to the unique needs of our clients

Incorporating Trending Tech in HR systems

Incorporating trending tech in HR systems

  • We can enhance your systems with AI-powered chatbots.
  • We specialise in upgrading existing HR systems for optimal experience on mobile devices, employing the latest technologies.
  • We leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies making them smarter and keeping pace with a demanding market. 
  • We bring innovations that improve user experience and bump up the productivity and efficiency of HR systems.
HR Tech Systems modernisation

HR tech systems modernisation

  • We know how to bring HR tech systems up to speed.
  • We support identification of technical debt in the system and definition of the correct approach to remove it. In other words we can prepare a roadmap to modernise your system. 
  • We can help identify missing functionalities that can bring new revenue streams into your company and increase customer retention.
  • Our work is aligned with current design standards as well as safety and compliance regulations.
HR Tech Systems development

HR tech systems development

  • We can build customised systems according to your needs.
  • We have broad domain experience working with core systems handling payroll, temporary recruitment, benefits and adjusting systems to specific regulations.
  • We can develop or extend existing functionalities, like managing documents, tracking work, checking skills and certificates, creating payrolls, managing timesheets, business trips planning and many more.
HR Tech Systems integrations

HR tech systems integrations

  • We can build new integrations to enhance your core system : payroll, billing, invoicing or anything else. 
  • Additionally, we know how to engage employees by integrating your solutions with benefit providers, enabling fast data flow between each party.

HR tech competency centre

Empowering our team drives Spyrosoft’s success. Streamlining HR processes is vital for top-tier client service. Therefore, we’ve founded an HR tech Competency Centre to elevate our standards, merging expertise in onboarding, staffing, talent management, payroll, cost tracking, and more.

Yet, we’re not just acquiring knowledge – we’re applying it practically. Our developed software efficiently manages HR processes across all our locations.

We take pride in being a specialised team of technical engineers and experts who skillfully tackle daily HR-related challenges.

HR Tech Solutions

We know how

to customise HR Tech products

to customise HR tech products

to enhance decision-making and employee experience​ using AI solutions

to enhance decision-making and employee experience​ using AI solutions

to assure comprehensive maintenance for ​HR Software​

to ensure comprehensive maintenance for ​HR Software​

to support legacy system modernisation

to support legacy system modernisation

to enhance HR platforms ​with employee engagement elements

to enhance HR platforms ​with employee engagement elements​

to transform performance management tool with social media modules

to transform performance management tool with social media modules​

“In the ever-evolving landscape of HR technology, we embrace the power of AI, automation, and data-driven insights to transform the employee experience. From chat bots and intelligent automation to remote work collaboration tools, our mission is to empower organisations with innovative HRTech solutions that foster inclusivity, efficiency, and the future of work.”

Daniel Zaborowski, Director of HR Tech & EduTech


We help to create inclusive workplaces that fuel organisational growth

Daniel Zaborowski

Within the HR tech landscape, my team and I are passionate about revolutionising the future of work through innovative solutions. With a focus on HR chat bots, AI and Machine Learning, and employee experience platforms, we strive to optimise HR processes and enhance workplace collaboration in the era of remote work.

Drawing from our experience with renowned HRTech companies such as FLO, Benefex, MyBenefit, CloudCall, and MHR, we bring a deep understanding of industry challenges and a track record of successful project delivery. Our goal is to leverage HR automation and cutting-edge technology to create inclusive and diverse work environments that drive organisational growth.

Just as I appreciate the power of technology in HR, I also cherish moments of solitude. If stranded on a desert island, I would find solace in the rhythmic sound of waves while immersing myself in books.

Daniel Zaborowski -Director of Hr Tech


Experience you can trust, quality service as expected

We’re HR tech experts crafting tailored software solutions. Our 39 dedicated engineers seamlessly blend into your workflow, addressing key HR tech challenges – AI decisions, engagement apps, legacy upgrades, and more. We’ve got your HRMS needs covered – from integrations to engagement tools. Stay ahead with AI, remote work tech, and diversity solutions.

Choose Spyrosoft to amplify your HR tech potential, with end-to-end support and deep industry knowledge. Unleash HR tech’s power for your success.

Introduction to software engineering


What makes us a reliable technology partner?

  1. We develop applicant tracking systems

  2. We build intuitive time reporting and absence management solutions

  3. We do integrations with 3rd party software

  4. We build employee engagement applications

  5. We offer flexible cooperation models


Managing all company expenses in one place

Our client, an HR management start-up wanted to build a platform that would revolutionise the way company expenses and business trips are managed. The goals were to ensure that the tool encompassed all types of company expense and would meet the needs of enterprise partners.

As a response to these needs, we developed an online platform that allows enterprise users to book a hotel room, buy a flight or train ticket and order a taxi. In the new version of the app, all bills and invoices can be automatically sent to the company’s financial department or to the person managing the expenses.


Leverage trending technology to build or enhance your HR system

Daniel Zaborowski HR Tech Solutions

Daniel Zaborowski


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