Our headquarters in Argentina is developing as a key location for serving customers throughout the Americas. In this interview with Facundo Navarro, we learn about the strengths and successes of our Western Hemisphere division.

Let’s start from the beginning – what’s your role here at Spyrosoft?

Facundo Navarro: My official role is as a lead Project Manager in Spyrosoft for the Argentina location. Therefore, my main focus is the service delivery where I act as a project manager. Other than that, I collaborate with PeopleOps and Recruitment, and I also work very closely with the Business Development team, trying to use my contacts in the US to bring new deals to Spyrosoft.

Ultimately, I act in multiple roles because of seniority, previous experience, and the needs of our rather small team in Argentina. All of us try to cover as much as possible for the operations of the Argentinian site.

I’d say I’m a boy scout. What needs to be done, I will do it somehow.

What do you remember from the first days of working at Spyrosoft?

FN: I’m not going to be very original on this one, but usually, when you’re in a role like mine, the first day is for trying to understand the business, and how marketing, sales, delivery, and operations exist together. So, the first day was absorbing a lot of information. I cannot complain about missing anything, but you know, you need some time to digest it and really get to know who is who and how we do what we do. I was also pretty quickly taking part in presales calls with inbound customers, working on preparing budgets, presentations, and so on. That allowed me to reload all the new information, put it to use, and understand Spyrosoft faster.

What projects are you working on right now? Anything exciting to share?

FN: Well, the projects I’m involved in come from different business units, but all of them come from the United States, mainly from Texas.

I also have to mention the Argentina Texas Chamber of Commerce, an independent, non-profit organisation. It is a voluntary membership association, founded in 2016 with the objective of promoting investment, trade, education and networking opportunities between Texas and Argentina. Spyrosoft is a part of it, and I myself act as the President of the Tech and Innovation Committee for the Chamber. There’s a lot going on because of that, but in October there are a few events Spyrosoft will also take part in. We sure are excited about that! 

What do you value about working at Spyrosoft?

FN: There are many things. At least in Argentina, we are a small site, so we know each other pretty well. Thanks to that, it’s easier to solve problems or make complex business decisions amongst people you have built relationships with. I value the community that stands behind our work in Buenos Aires.  

I also value our work-from-anywhere model. I’m currently living in Sicily. When I accepted Spyrosoft’s offer, I talked to the Recruitment Team about my plan to move to Italy and obtain my Italian citizenship. There was no problem with that whatsoever. It’s work from anywhere, as long as I’m able to cover the time zone you’re assigned to, no problem.

So here I am! After a bit more than one year, I’m in Sicily, with all my family doing the paperwork. I know I’m not the only one who appreciates that kind of flexibility. Some of our team members work while traveling the world.  I think that’s hard to translate into money. Meeting new people, exploring new cultures, visiting new places – it’s exciting and a great benefit for the employees.

What inspires you on your journey as a professional?

FN: What inspires me? To do my work? I don’t know, I get inspired by talent. I have colleagues in Spyrosoft who are great professionals, they do very smart and efficient work and sometimes have to fix things that are really hard or tricky. All my career I studied, practiced, and invested in my knowledge. But one of the things I always do is if I meet someone who knows more than me, I go to that person saying: ‘Ok, man, I want to learn from you’. I’ve been able to find people with those characteristics here in Spyrosoft and I really appreciate that.

Thank you for sharing!

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