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financial industry

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Spectio is an ID verification solution build with the financial industry in mind.


What makes Spectio different

Our tool is created by the financial industry experts, we know how

to support your business growth. Learn more about its unique features.

We’re using Artificial Neural Network to check if ID photo matches the image from a short video and achieve a high-accuracy match, so you don’t have worry about security threats.

Accurate match
Authentication in no time

No more lengthy application forms and typos in the submissions. Users can just scan their IDs and get them checked in seconds.

Motion verification

We employed the latest technology to protect our tool against fraud. With Spectio, user records a short video to prove their identity.

How does it work?


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The user is verified and the process is completed.

App verifies the match percentage between the photo and the video, and check the information against the data bases with the previous records (fraud detection).

They scan the ID using a frame that shows where the details should be placed for the ID to be scanned correctly.

The user starts the app and chooses the type of the ID they have.

After confirming the details, the user records a short video that allows us to verify their identity.

After another confirmation, the details such as user data, photos and the video are then displayed in the customer management system that’s managed by financial industry representatives.

Fault-proof design


Spectio is created by the financial industry experts. We follow procedures such as Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer to ensure reliability of our product.

Spectio combines Artificial Neural Networks with human expertise to make sure that you’re able to get actionable results.

We’re using trusted cloud solution to build a tool that’s easy to scale and embedded into any application or website.

100% secure
Deep Learning technology
Cloud-based infrastructure

Spectio can work both as a stand-alone product or a white-labeled component of your application.

Customisable platform

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