Partnership model

How it works

Build-Operate-Transfer is a partnership model that allows you to keep your intellectual property rights within your company and follow the principles of your company culture across business. At Spyrosoft, we’ve been collaborating with other companies using this type of engagement for years. Our primary task is always building a team of passionate individuals that will be helping you build your business which you may then – or may not – transfer into your company.

Responsibilities share

The following areas will be covered:


Our responsibilities

  • Recruitment 
  • Knowledge sharing strategy 
  • HR, training and legal 
  • Finance and administration 
  • Procurement and settlements 
  • IT and infrastructure 
  • Office and company events 

Your responsibilities

  • Accepting candidates 
  • Project management/Remote project management
  • Strategic decisions 
  • Budget planning 
  • Process and culture guidelines 

Our Build-Operate-Transfer partnerships


How we do it


We hire a team in collaboration with you and the process if fully transparent, so you know the hiring conditions and costs. We also plan knowledge transfer and complete any legal activities.


A dedicated team with all resources and legal tasks covered; knowledge base transfer


We provide all necessary team replacements, manage IT and legal tasks as well as HR and finance functions. We also expand or reduce your team as needed.


Fully trained and operational team working on your project


All or part of operations is transferred to you, including agreements, employee contracts, necessary infrastructure and admin tasks. We can also provide any functions and elements past this stage.


Team and resources transfer completed


Andrew Radcliffe

Andrew is one of the UK’s most influential technology and innovation experts having previously helped to develop the IT leaders of the future at the Cranfield School of Management and advised the UK government on technology innovation in the heart of Whitehall. Spyrosoft has become one of the fastest growing technology businesses in Europe providing technology consulting and design services, the development of enterprise solutions and embedded software engineering. We are working at the cutting edge of software development. We recognise our clients' problems and effectively bring their ideas to life with cutting edge products and services. We do this for the automotive, financial services, industry 4.0, geospatial, employee experience and education sectors.