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With Progressive Web Applications you can:


What you can expect from Progressive Web App?

We can support your business growth at any stage, regardless of the size or type of business you run. Whether you manage a busy e-commerce site or need more online traffic for your start up, we can help.

Optimise your product-page-to-cart and cart-to-purchase rates by implementing the best in class PWA Open Source solution. Did you know that the ability to deliver an amazing user experience helped AliExpress improve conversions across all browsers by 104% and on iOS by 82%*?

Increase your conversion rate
Offer offline support

Imagine if your customer could still browse your product categories or even complete a purchase, while they’re offline. Well, now they can. Service worker enables PWAs to cache data for offline usage and thereby, sustain the momentum of an online, immersive retail experience.

Native mobile experience

With PWA, you can deliver a mobile-first experience, including adding to home screen and sending push notifications. PWA also allows for much better SEO rankings and guarantees new clients will quickly find your product online . Work with us to build a Progressive Web App for your ecommerce store and enjoy all the benefits of a mobile application.

Scaling your online store and introducing new best-in-class solutions is easy. PWA allows you to integrate with any third-party web or application, including payment systems and voice search applications.

Integrate with best in class 3rd party solutions faster
Deliver lightning fast mobile browsing

Did you know that 53% of mobile users** will abandon a website if the loading time is greater than 3 seconds? With PWA, you can provide a solution that loads instantly, even in uncertain network conditions. It will also respond quickly to any user interaction.

Re-engage your customers with push notifications

Push notifications are proven to be very effective for engaging customers, if not done in an intrusive way. Let your clients know about your latest time,and location-sensitive offers with personalised messages sent directly to their mobile phones.

Progressive Web App is a new standard combining the best features offered by modern web browsers with the benefits of native mobile applications.

Simply put, it’s your website that works on a mobile device like a native app, with all its advantages such as offline mode, push notifications, add to home screen, geolocation and more.

By providing mobile-first user experience, PWAs are the future for webstores. Check out all the advantages PWA provides.

What is a Progressive Web App?



Offline mode

Push notifications

Home screen installation

Mobile-First navigation

Works across all devices

Google indexing support

One place to manage content

Download not required

Always up to date

Low data requirements




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Progressive Web App benefits

A great design makes it easy for your customers to find a product they need, finalise purchase or contact your customer support team. Upselling and cross-selling is also easy with PWA, and you can customise bundle offerings for your customers in real time.

Mobile-first design
Offline access

The vast majority of users will visit your online store when they’re on the go using a mobile connection. With PWA, users can access your online store, even if their bandwidth is low or they’re offline.

Secure connection

Security has always been one of the main concerns for users. With service worker, application shell architecture and https, PWA is one of the most reliable and secure solutions o available.

The cost of building, maintaining and updating a mobile application is much higher than a PWA. Plus, this standard combines the best features of mobile apps and traditional websites, at a fraction of the cost.

Cost optimisation
Short page loading time

Website speed has a big impact on engagement, conversion and ultimately, your revenue. If 53% of users leave your mobile site due to the loading time exceeding 3 seconds, then it’s time for a change. PWA is the right solution to lower your ‘time-to-interact'KPI.

Cross-page delivery

You build a Progressive Web App once and then your online store is up and running. It can be then visited from any browser on any device, online and offline.

Spyrosoft is a global company with extensive experience in building cutting-edge software solutions.

We’ve been operating since 2016, employing experts from all software development areas.

Our approach is all about understanding the business needs of our customers, building bespoke products and developing long-lasting relationships. We’re authentic, transparent and always work as a team.


What we do differently


How implementation will look like

We meet to learn what your business needs are and draft a project scope, budget and timeline.

Within 1.5 month, we develop and run a pilot PWA site so that you can verify if the value is being delivered.

Now you are ready to implement additional features and we deliver a full PWA solution within the next 3 months.

Once the PWA has been implemented and you see its business impact, it’s up to you to extend the collaboration with us that would enable you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Scoping Session

Proof of Concept


Ongoing co-operation

Use cases

The journey from your first online sale to a profitable and scalable business is easier than you think. Check what ecommerce sectors we specialise in.



Take your customer experience to another level with mobile-first design and acquire even more online customers for your beautiful home decorations products thanks to better SEO positioning.


Selling skincare and makeup products online? Make the most of your ecommerce platform using Progressive Web App development. Easy-to-customise and eye-catching design allows you to shorten your cart-to-purchase time.


The fashion&apparel industry is now estimated at $2.8 trillion globally*, and it’s still growing. Going ahead of the curve and using modern technologies such as PWA are now a must for any business owner. Support your customers wherever they are in their online journey with our mobile-first PWA solution.

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