Spyrosoft, together with its employees, makes its debut on the stock exchange today

Spyrosoft's debut on the NewConnect market takes place after more than three years of the company's operation. The main reason behind the decision to join the group of listed companies was the willingness of the owners to share the company's success with their colleagues by enabling them to acquire Spyrosoft shares.

“Spyrosoft, a company originating from Wroclaw, is doing great and does not need the support of external investors to further develop. The issue of shares is an expression of gratitude to employees for their commitment and persistence in building the company's success. This is a way to share what we have achieved together” says Konrad Weiske, President of Spyrosoft. At the same time, he strongly emphasizes that such an initiative, although in principle unheard of in business, results from a unique approach to employees. “We are constantly guided by the philosophy of engaging employees in our company.”

Hence, at the beginning of 2019, the company issued a series C shares, addressed only to the company's employees and associates. 153 people benefitted from the action.

Such an opportunity to acquire shares and enter the NewConnect market is a very clear confirmation of the "we put people first" principle, which has always been in force in the company, and means that at Spyrosoft, people and their opinions are important.

We have a flat structure in the company, there is no formal distance. Anyone, if they wish, can talk to the president or a member of the management board and share their ideas or opinions. I think that the possibility of acquiring shares will not so much increase the involvement of employees in the company's life, as it will transfer them to another dimension. My company can really be "mine" - says Paweł Klimek from GOD Nearshore SE, a company belonging to the Spyrosoft Group.

Debut on NewConnect and what next? 

On the day of the debut on NewConnect, 150,000 series A2 shares, 18,900 series B shares and 10,866 series C shares were issued, constituting together approx. 17% of the company's share capital. In the process of issuing the shares for trading, the company was supported by Dom Maklerski INC.

Spyrosoft identifies the following goals as strategic for the development of the company: acquiring new clients from industries in which the company specializes, employing new specialists and globalizing the operations by entering new foreign markets.

Moreover, the company is constantly striving to strengthen its position in Poland and abroad. Spyrosoft is already successfully competing with world leaders in the IT industry, despite its smaller scale of operations, due to the high quality of the services offered. As in previous years, the company intends to base its development on the Polish and foreign markets.

"We focus on the globalization of our activities and strong presence in other foreign markets," says Konrad Weiske. "Last year we established Spyrosoft Solutions in Croatia and in Detroit in the USA. An office in Munich was opened last month. The industries we focus on the most are finances, automotive and industry 4.0. We work with advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality, as well as based on the currently popular public clouds.”

The software supplier from Wrocław has been present on the market since 2016, and already employs over 470 people while still growing. The dynamic development of the company is the result of not only acting on the basis of a good business concept, but above all, it is the result of trust and good relations with employees. Hence the decision to enter the stock exchange, accompanied by a change of the company’s visual identification system.

About Spyrosoft: 

Spyrosoft is a company founded in 2016 in Wrocław. It operates in the field of IT industry and software development - from embedded solutions to high-level systems based on public clouds - tailored to the needs and requirements of clients.

The company offers comprehensive project management services, under which Spyrosoft specialists manage projects and project requirements, create architecture, as well as write and develop software. They implement solutions using public clouds and advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Mixed Reality.

The company's offices are located in Wrocław, Białystok and Kraków, as well as in London, Braunschweig, Munich, Zagreb and Detroit.

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