Erwin von Doelling

In today's world, most of the data is stored in systems that were never designed to be connected. In the second video of our 'Make or Buy' series, meet Erwin von Doelling who is working on challenging and changing that in a conversion with Piotr Beling, Industry 4.0 Business Unit Director at Spyrosoft.

What you'll learn:

  • What are the biggest challenges in digital transformation?
  • How to introduce new challenges to process-heavy organisations in a secure and fault-proof way?
  • When to rely on external support when it comes to building reliable software?
  • How will the Industry 4.0 sector change in the upcoming years?

Erwin von Doelling

Business and technology leader with 25 years of experience in the fields of operation technology, information technology and digitalisation - specialising in business processes, applications, infrastructure, operations, and cyber-security. Passionate about technology and enabling businesses – with a profound knowledge of engineering, networks, systems and management. He started his career in systems engineering for industrial business security needs, evolving through project and information security management, to line management with the long term focus on senior and C-suite management. His leadership style is proactive and results oriented, tempered with the appreciation of taking care of people and building engagement in teams. His solid engineering and applied technology background is well balanced with end-to-end business process understanding and good commercial acumen.

Marco Issenmann

Syngenta's Head Global Digital Product Delivery

The agriculture industry has changed extensively in the last decade. Marco Issenmann of Syngenta talks about the digital transformation in this area and its challenges in the conversation with Spyrosoft's Industry 4.0 Business Director, Piotr Beling.

What you'll learn:

  • What are the current challenges in the agriculture industry?
  • How to join in on the digital transformation in the industry?
  • What to automate and where to apply AI-based tools to take better decisions on the field?
  • How is the climate change effecting the industry and what farmers can do about it?

Marco Issenmann - Head Global Digital Product Delivery, Syngenta

Marco Issenmann is a digital and commercial transformation leader with over 15 years of cross industry experience in consulting and industry. He builds global teams with a strong customer focus, drives innovation and promotes start-up cultures in large corporations. Marco is currently heading the Digital Product Delivery with teams in different continents working on new AgTech solutions.

Piotr Beling - Industry 4.0 Business Unit Director, Spyrosoft

Piotr Beling worked as a .NET programmer before diving into project management, business analytics, Industry 4.0 and IoT engineering. As a manager and working with clients, he values relationships built on collaboration and trust, always making sure that his team has both technical and soft skills. Piotr is currently leading Spyrosoft’s Industry 4.0 Business Unit with Łukasz Wójcik.

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