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Work with a technology company that understands and is passionate about geospatial data – and builds great products. See what we offer.

Developing first class geospatial products start to finish

Building complex GIS tools and integrating these with existing geospatial frameworks and systems

Providing excellence in the field of Geo Data Science – using AI and IoT to develop systems and solutions

Offering data as a service

Combining our extensive experience of the geospatial industry with cutting edge technology

Giving you access to teams specialising in machine & neural learning to give you that innovative market advantage


Ordnance Survey

Our development teams were involved in the concept, design and development stages of creating each of the applications. We were responsible for the technical side of the programme implementation but are also actively engaged in the concept and design stage. All solutions we provided the Ordnance Survey were custom made and included personalised OS maps based on a data point of the customer’s choice, Applications from the OS Disruption group (GetOutside, Layers, Beyonder) and OS Maps – an app suitable for all mobile and desktop devices.

Small Robot Company

Our client lwas looking for a partner who could design and build from scratch a scalable and flexible geospatial user interface application for Wilma – an intelligent, autonomus crop monitoring and care system. We provided the necessary expertise and skills for the complete product design, analytics, implementation and testing solution as a service for the web application that will allow its users to interact with collected data – high resolution crop maps.

The LandApp

The Land App’s web application was to enable each group of stakeholders to create a map that can be used as a part of investment registration documentation (both private and public). We are in full charge of all IT activities from architecture design through the development of new features and and the maintenance. Our team developed an enterprise user module and a new set of tools suitable for map editing.​


Our world leading technology capability and industry knowledge makes us the partner of choice for businesses in the geospatial sector


The client’s needs are my starting point

Jaroslaw Marciniak

I’ve been involved with geospatial data and services for as long as I can remember. I graduated with a degree in geoinformatics. I have extensive experience in this industry, so heading up this area of Spyrosoft was the natural path for me. When it comes to my clients – I put communication first to understand their needs and tailor their solutions to meet these needs. I value relationships based on trust, professionalism and partnership. In my private life, I learn the most from my children, they have a unique way of thinking and curiosity about the world.

Jarosław Marciniak Spyrosoft


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