Review and reduce your cloud spend without limiting your business requirements

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Find areas with overspending

Cloud cost optimisation management tools are unlikely to detect code development faults. For that, you need a cloud performance engineering team.

Group 14

Rightsize your Cloud

Do you feel like your resources are idling away? We’ll help you confront the ongoing cost of your cloud waste and help you with cloud resource management.

Group 15

Better define cloud commitment

Are you suffering from wrongly defined quotas for your cloud deployment? Take advantage of Cloud Saving Plans by better predicting your yearly resource use.

The importance of cost optimisation process

32 %


of IT budgets are dedicated to cloud spending

30 %

of cloud spending could be optimised

24 %


of companies are over the budget for their cloud needs

How we take control of your cloud spend?

Group 2

Cloud Architecture overview

We look at your cloud architecture to find if it matches your technical requirements and employ cloud services that help tame runaway costs.

Group 6

Target overspend source

We will look for areas of over-provisioning, mismanaged resources, and rightsizing computing services to scale - all help you halt overspending

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Deliver spend visibility

We give you a clear restructuring plan and visibility of your cloud spending to help you plan your future infrastructure costs accurately.

Here is what you will receive:

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1. A comprehensive cost monitoring & optimisation briefing

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2. Cloud Performance Audit and Optimisation Insights

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3. Cloud cost breakdown and development ready optimisation backlog

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Get To Know Our Team

We help you solve your cloud computing issues

Did you decide to adopt a public cloud in your organisation and are struggling with managing the cloud cost? Do you have several teams working in a cloud and have concerns about governing it? Maybe your organisation is divided into entities or units, and you don’t know how to manage your cloud solution without taking account of all the above? Get to know our team and find out how we approach variety of cloud issues in an agile and cooperative environment.

"Our methodology allows teams to work faster and more efficiently by using pre-coded compliance and security practices. The solution allows applications to be built on a secure, custom-controlled foundation or using off-the-shelf architecture and infrastructure as code. The variety of these options can help with quicker adaptation and easier management of the customer's cloud solution."

Łukasz Marcinek, Head of Cloud Engineering

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Our other cloud services


We offer you the opportunity to create solutions based on the container platform, which enables you to automate the processes involved in managing, deploying, and scaling modern software.


We support you in the efficient and effective deployment of cloud-based solutions that help increase your business performance and value.


Our DevOps approach to the cloud will help you with more efficient coordination of projects and quicker deployment of the product.

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Łukasz Marcinek
Head of Cloud Engineering

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