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4 pillars of Cloud Advisory



The best option for bringing financial accountability to the variable spend model of the cloud across the entire organisation.


Cost Optimisation

Cut costs, not services by reducing overall cloud spend. Identify mismanaged resources, eliminate waste, reserve capacity for higher discounts, and adjust computing services to scale properly.


Landing zone design

Enable application migration, modernisation, and innovation inside your organisation with a properly designed environment, ready to host your workloads.


Cloud Enablement Plan

Move your solutions to the Cloud for increased security and to accelerate your business’ response to challenges – say goodbye to self-hosted servers and unnecessary costs.


Maximise the ROI of your business

Do you have trouble with the cost control of your cloud resources? Struggling to see which services spend the most money and why? You are not able to meet your financial KPIs? We can help you to implement proper processes to solve these problems.

The importance of cost optimisation process

32 %


of IT budgets are dedicated to cloud spending

30 %

of cloud spending could be optimised

24 %


of companies are over the budget for their cloud needs

Landing Zone Design

Solid foundations for your cloud journey

Did you decide to adopt a public cloud in your organisation and don’t know how to start? Do you have several teams working in a cloud and have concerns about governing it? Would you like to know how to implement security policies, and manage your network, identity, and access management? Maybe your organisation is divided into entities or units, and you don’t know how to manage your cloud solution without taking account of all the above? A properly designed landing zone is an answer to this problem. Contact us if you need help in designing one in your organisation.

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"The landing zone method enables teams to work faster and more efficiently by using pre-coded compliance and security practices. The solution allows applications to be built on a secure, custom-controlled foundation or using off-the-shelf architecture and infrastructure as code. The variety of these options can help with quicker adaptation and easier management of the customer's cloud solution."

Marcin Zyga, Chief Technology Officer


Cloud Enablement Plan

Start your journey to cloud transformation with our staged process

Discover our approach to cloud adoption strategy laid out in a few simple steps. Our process is tailored to your needs and overall infrastructure to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud and digital transformation of your processes.

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Choose the proper migration plan and take advantage of accessible cloud computing for your business



Moving an existing application or workload from on-premise to cloud infrastructure with no significant architecture changes.​


Moving an existing application or workload from on-premise infrastructure with refactored components defined in the system discovery phase in order to take better advantage of the cloud-based features.​


Moving from monolithic and on-premise infrastructure to a service-oriented cloud architecture as a totally new, cloud-native system.​

Our other cloud services


We offer you the opportunity to create solutions based on the container platform, which enables you to automate the processes involved in managing, deploying, and scaling modern software.


We support you in the efficient and effective deployment of cloud-based solutions that help increase your business performance and value.


Our DevOps approach to the cloud will help you with more efficient coordination of projects and quicker deployment of the product.

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Marcin Zyga
Chief Technology Officer

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