Industry 4.0

Viessmann operates within the Industry 4.0 sector providing heat appliances and end-to-end services to their clients who are mostly based in Europe. Within their offering, they have products and software dedicated to a large range of end customers – from a user who needs heating at home, through to an engineer who repairs these appliances, to an R&D manager and enterprise consumer.  

Viessmann also provides post-sales services and appliance maintenance. Thanks to Viessmann’s reputability, recognisability and the quality of their products, its customers perceive the company as an innovative, experienced entity that provides state-of-the-art solutions.  

Viessmann’s team needed support when it comes to technology and consultations from our senior developers. They provide them with a team of engineers who not only have an extensive understanding of the tools and technologies used by Viessmann but can also analyse them to suggest production cost and software development optimalisations.  

As a technology partner, our main task was collaborating with the Viessmann team on upgrading existing products from the tech perspective on each stage of the lifecycle – from architecture to software maintenance and DevOps.  

We were active participants in UX/UI redesign and outlining new web and mobile applications. We used the following technologies:  Android, iOS, .NET, C++ and Node.JS. At the opening stage of this project, there were 10 people working with Viessmann, including a DevOps Engineer, 2 iOS Developers, C++ Software Engineer, and at the end of the collaboration, we had 4 specialists on our team, including a UX/UI Designer. 

The project started in January 2017 and lasted until November 2021. 

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