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Prototyping the engine of the future


Changing requirements of the automotive industry and the customers’ raising environmental awareness call for new measures. Spyrosoft’s domain knowledge helps us support our partners as they embrace the changes.

Green is the new black

Our partner is a global automotive company and we have been collaborating for the past few years. They specialise in producing components used in internal combustion engines that are then dispatched to the largest original equipment manufacturers worldwide.  

The industry has been rapidly changing in recent years, not only due to the technology advancing but also legislational regulations and customers' expectations for the products to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our customers wanted to meet these requirements by designing a solution that would combine the features from both internal combustion and electrical engines. Estimating the market size for these new, green products as well as reaching fresh audiences were also the goals. The company also wanted to set itself as a leader in this newly developed segment of the automotive industry.  

The team at Spyrosoft was responsible for the project’s technological support, including both software development as well as sharing the domain knowledge about the sector and the industry standards. That is why we have been able to support the partner’s team on multiple levels: right from the initial idea to producing a ready-to-be-used component. 

Meeting the industry standards

The solution – designed by our partner – complies with ASPICE and ISO26262 standards. For this project, we’re using C, Autosar, Matlab, and Simulink. The team at Spyrosoft is 10 people located in two of our offices: in Wroclaw and Zagreb. 

The prototype is now tested and industrialised. Even in its early stadium, the product has already gained interest among some of our partner’s end customers. 

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