Industry 4.0

Our client is a Norwegian company producing solutions for the maritime industry, i.e. electronic displays installed in cockpits.

The team at Spyrosoft is currently responsible for the maintenance and post-sales service of existing products as well as implementing new functionalities. We act as programming support for our partner as the company itself doesn’t have a department that can focus on developing software. Their employees are engineering experts who needed to write the code. The Spyrosoft team has unique competences, combining knowledge of state-of-the-art hardware solutions and the ability to write high-quality software. The end users of our client’s components are primarily global shipbuilding companies and shipyards. Their product have a reputation for quality and reliability. They wanted to provide their customers with a full post-sales service, implementing software improvements and creating personalised functionalities. The team at Spyrosoft has been able to take care of these requirements and additional needs as they’ve arisen.

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