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Disrupting the sports industry with TrackMan


The sports sector is one of the most rapidly expanding industries. The team at Spyrosoft helps develop radars for baseball.


Established: 2003
Industry: Sport & entertainment
Size: 200 - 300
Location: Denmark

The sports industry is changing 

Our partner, TrackMan is producing ball tracking radars that are currently the most precise products on the market. Their offer includes advanced technology for measuring, presenting, training as well as teaching baseball techniques. 

The rapidly expanding technologies and the changing needs of the sports industry require the newest product to be launched early and configured for providing a real-time experience. 

Spectators expect not only for the game to be shown at stadiums or online, but they also need to see additional information and data that would allow for increased engagement and understanding of the context of the match they are watching. 

The TrackMan products were created to respond to these needs. They change the way the baseball matches are experienced by showing the trajectory of a ball. The professional players and coaches are then able to review the data and consequently, polish their qualifications and skills.  

These solutions are especially important for the baseball industry that – already prominent in the US, Japan, Korea and Canada – is rapidly expanding in Europe. 

How we have been working with TrackMan

The Spyrosoft team is involved in creating new products for the industry. Together with TrackMan, we are developing software that allows for real-time ball tracking and for managing the collected data in the cloud environment. 

The solution doesn’t just enable the real-life presentation of the trajectories while the game is still on. It also allows sport professionals analyse the data once the match is completed. The tracking technology collects information about ball movements, including its trajectory and other parameters. It’s then presented on a computer and/or tablet – as well as being migrated to a cloud.  

The radar’s ecosystem is built using Microsoft technologies, Azure cloud solutions, .NET-based software as well as MSSQ and MongoDB databases accessed by our developers on a daily basis. The Spyrosoft project team consists of 11 people, including three Xamarin engineers. 

The TrackMan radar was launched in 2019 and it has gained its first users almost instantly. The stationary version of the product is used on all professional baseball stadiums, meaning over 400 installations worldwide. 

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