Connecting any device to cloud


About the client


Internet of Things



It is a company that operates in the DACH market, producing IoT gateways enabling remote connection to machines.

About the project

Their devices can be applied to any type of equipment. Each gateway is geared with the GMS module connected to the web and can be used for receiving data from multiple locations around the world. The data is aggregated and can be turned into commands. Using our client’s devices, you can connect any machine to the cloud, even if that wasn’t originally provided as an option by the producer.  

The customers who bought our partner’s products have no need to buy new machines for any cloud-related task. They can simply use devices that have an IoT connection and control their machines remotely. 

Our client needed technological support to introduce a new product on the market. That was the starting point for our collaboration, and currently, the product is being delivered to the end customers. Our team at Spyrosoft can use their domain knowledge and the competences related to developing hardware projects. From our side, there were 2 engineers working on the project.


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Łukasz Wójcik

Lukasz Wojcik

Director of Industry 4.0 – Automation & Connectivity

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Piotr Beling

Piotr Beling

Director of Industry 4.0 – Digital Solutions

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