Introducing Head of E-Commerce – Rys Tkaczyk

Weronika Kuzior

Marketing Specialist at Spyrosoft Ltd.

We keep growing!

An accelerated switch to online purchasing as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic and three lockdowns in the past 12 months has led us to appoint a new Head of e-Commerce. We have recently recruited Rys Tkaczyk to help us manage the rapid growth in online retail operations throughout the UK.

For the last few years, Spyrosoft has been asked to provide e-commerce services and up to this point we have been unable to meet that demand. Bringing Rys on board will definitely change that. We want to be able to meet the needs of current and future clients and provide them with a comprehensive offer. We are seeing a rapid growth of e-commerce and high demand for digital transformation services and we want to answer to market needs helping the UK and Europe’s businesses to develop “direct-to-consumer” links. This will enable them to sell their goods and services to customers without the need for a retail middleman as traditional shopping habits continue to transform.

Adding e-commerce to the Spyrosoft offering was a natural progression and an agile response to recent market changes.

Spyrosoft UK Managing Director Andrew Radcliffe highlights that the commercial and retail world has changed significantly in the past 12 months and there is now greater focus than ever before on how brands can sell their products and services to consumers, whether we are in a lockdown or business as usual.

That’s why we’ve moved quickly to appoint Rys to this crucial role for Spyrosoft UK to manage our growth, work closely with our existing customers and develop our e-commerce offering for brands that want to create the very best online experiences for their customers. – Andrew added.

As Rys Tkaczyk says:

The rapid development in the use of artificial intelligence in creating the very best experiences for online shoppers, is going to be at the heart of the growth of e-commerce for the future.

While high streets aren’t dead, they are clearly in decline in their current form and that has led to massive growth in online and digital. Everything is going online and there will be rapid transformations over the next year or two as businesses build resilience against the experience of the past 12 months.

There is an upward trajectory for e-commerce for the foreseeable future - every company has a website that has tended to be a marketing tool for them, but now there are opportunities for those websites to be developed further to provide more of an e-commerce experience for customers.

Rys points out that companies have realised that they can now sell directly to consumers using e-commerce systems rather than going through retailers – and it is not just big brands that are developing their direct-to-consumer links, but smaller and medium sized businesses are also developing their platforms. Partly this is to ensure there is a wide enough choice for consumers, but it is also to protect themselves from being squeezed out by the biggest online retailers.

We are very excited to start this new adventure and happy that we will be able to give Spyrosoft customers what they have been waiting for a long time. Welcome aboard, Rys!