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Sophie Smith

Marketing Director at Spyrosoft Ltd.

The G-Cloud 12 framework Digital Marketplace, managed by the Crown Commercial Services (CCS), enables public sector organisations to find and procure cloud computing services. Every annual refresh of the G Cloud agreement brings new and exciting suppliers to the public sector and we’re delighted to once again be recognised for our skills and competencies in this area.  

Through the framework, technology suppliers, like Spyrosoft, are able to access the public sector and help them to innovate with the latest software solutions. 

We look forward to working with public sector organisations as they face new challenges. Now more than ever, they rely on strong technology suppliers to meet societal needs.

We are delighted to continue to offer our services through G-Cloud 12 to UK public sector organisations, unlocking efficiency gains through cost effective innovative and tailored solutions whilst shaping technology together

 – Andrew Radcliffe, Managing Director Spyrosoft UK. 

The services we offer under the agreement 

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