Pentester Training

About the training

Gain the essential knowledge and technical skills to start your dream career as a pentester. Learn by working on real projects, through workshops in small groups, under the guidance of our cybersecurity experts to ensure you get feedback on your progress and help if you need it.

After completing the course, you’ll get not only a diploma of your accomplishment but also the opportunity to join our team and further hone your skills among top talents in cybersecurity and pentesting.

After completing the pentesting course you’ll:


have practical knowledge about the most significant web application vulnerabilities


know the practical use of pentesting tools such as Burp Suite or nmap


be familiar with web application penetration testing methodology


get a chance to join our company

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What’s in the pentesting course program?

Key Highlights

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3 months of online workshops

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Small groups and a mentorship approach

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Working on real-life projects

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Diploma of completion

"I'd like to invite anyone likes brain puzzles, issues that seem to be unsolvable, and anyone who’s passionate about cybersecurity for a pentesting course where I’ll share all I know about the common mistakes in web app security and where we’ll start developing your pentesting toolkit."

Grzegorz Trawiński, Instructor

Grzegorz Trawiński


All you need is:

  • 1 - 3 years of experience as a QA specialist (minimum 1.5 years of web application testing)

  • or 1 - 3 years of experience as a programming specialist (minimum 1.5. years of web application programming (Frontend + Backend) in popular frameworks: Spring/Java, .Net/C#, Django/Python, ruby)

  • knowledge of http protocol

Nice to have skills:

  • Burp Suite

  • HTML

  • JavaScript

  • OWASP TOP 10

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What’s ahead of you?

Send us your CV
Introductory talk with a recruiter to answer all your questions
Technical chat with the training instructor to check your knowledge level
Theoretical part: getting background for building strong skills
Practical part: working on real projects under the instructor’s guidance
Diploma of completion and a chance to join our Pentester team

Recruitment start date:


Training start date:



2700 PLN / 600 EUR

If you decide to work with us, we'll fully refund your course fee.

Number of places available:

Only 5 places

Hurry up!

Places are limited!

Grzegorz Trawiński

Grzegorz Trawiński

I’ve been involved in IT since 2011. I’m an experienced programmer, architect, team leader, head of IT security, pentester. I was designing Enterprise class web and mobile applications, as well as securing IT systems for clients from the financial services industry from UK, Germany or Norway. Presently I’m performing penentration tests of IT solutions developed by international project teams from Big Four company. I’m extremely inquisitive and uncompromising in service quality delivery. Hobbistically, I smash hacktheboxes and CTFs. I support business from the IT security perspective, rationally implementing security controls and adequate educational programs for employees. I hold the CISSP, CEH and ISO 27001 certificates.