AWS DevOps Training

About the training

Get solid knowledge and skills base to start your dream career as AWS DevOps Engineer. Learn by working on real projects, through workshops in small groups, under the guidance of our DevOps experts to ensure you get feedback on your progress and help if you need it.

After completing the course, you’ll get not only a diploma of your accomplishment but also the opportunity to join our team and further hone your skills among top talents in AWS DevOps.

After taking the AWS DevOps training you’ll:


know how to prepare an AWS account for work and how to avoid a high bill


be familiar with the entire CI/CD stack in AWS - where to store the code and which service to use to build, test and deploy the application


know how to set up AWS environments using terraform (infrastructure as a code)


know what to do when code repository is outside AWS and be able to do deployment from GitHub to AWS


know how to configure the pipeline on a free Github subscription


get a chance to join our company

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What’s in AWS DevOps Training program?

Key Highlights

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3 months of online workshops

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Small groups and a mentorship approach

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Working on real-life projects

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Diploma of completion

"In the last decade, DevOps has become the pillar of engineering operations and with the cloud revolution very much still in progress, it's now more needed than ever. In this course, I will not only teach you about the DevOps best practices and tools, but I will also share my personal experience with increasing efficiency of the development projects at Spyrosoft."

Marcin Szremski, Instructor



All you need is:

  • basic knowledge of LAN/WAN network

  • experience in Windows and Linux systems administration

  • basic knowledge of CI/CD

  • any knowledge of AWS

  • Do you meet the criteria? Send your application!
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What’s ahead of you?

Send us your CV
Introductory talk with a recruiter to answer all your questions
Technical chat with the training instructor to check your knowledge level
Theoretical part: getting background for building strong skills
Practical part: working on real projects under the instructor’s guidance
Diploma of completion and a chance to join our DevOps team

Recruitment start date:


Training start date:



3800 PLN / 6350 HRK / 850 EUR / 725 GPB

If you decide to work with us, you won’t need to pay anything.

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Marcin Szremski

I graduated from Wroclaw Technical University’s Computer Science course with specialisation in Teleinformatics. I completed Cisco CCNA 1-4 course and I have experience working as an Admin on commercial projects for international companies. I created the infrastructure for the offshore offices in Czech Republic and Germany, and I was responsible for the data centre migration to the new location. I also implemented the infrastructure and maintained the applications hosted on AWS and other cloud solutions, and implemented automation using the orchestrator. I’m currently involved in maintaining AWS-based environments, optimising their costs and reaching the cloud’s full potential with the infrastructure-as-a-code process. I completed the „Linux Adminstrator” course, organized by ALX and I got certified, I also have the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate certificate and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional.